Bermuda Calling: Top Coworking Spaces and Communities for Remote Workers

Posted on January 20, 2024 in guide

Sun-kissed shores, turquoise waters, and the gentle thrum of the ocean breeze – Bermuda isn't just a tropical paradise; it's a burgeoning haven for remote professionals. But escaping the cubicle grind doesn't mean sacrificing productivity. Bermuda boasts a vibrant coworking scene, buzzing with energy, connectivity, and a touch of island magic. Let's dive into the heart of this unique hub, exploring the top coworking spaces and communities that cater to every remote worker's needs.

1. WeWork Hamilton: Ocean Views and Networking Vibes

Imagine this: your "office window" stretches across the endless blue horizon, punctuated by the bobbing sails of yachts. This is your reality at WeWork Hamilton, the island's premier coworking space set in the heart of the capital. Sleek, modern, and brimming with natural light, it offers dedicated desks, private offices, and vibrant common areas, ideal for networking and collaboration. "The open-plan space fosters a real sense of community," says Sarah, a graphic designer who calls WeWork Hamilton home. "I've met so many inspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers, and the regular social events are a great way to unwind and build connections."

2. The Hub: Cozy Corner for Creatives and Digital Nomads

Tucked away in a charming historical building, The Hub pulsates with a creative energy. Exposed brick walls, vintage furniture, and a bohemian vibe make it a haven for writers, artists, and digital nomads. Open desks, dedicated co-working spaces, and a rooftop terrace overlooking the city offer flexibility and stunning views. "The Hub feels more like a family than a coworking space," says David, a travel blogger who uses The Hub as his base. "Everyone is supportive and encouraging, and the workshops and talks they host are fantastic for personal and professional growth."

3. Tribe Bermuda: Eco-Conscious Community for the Sustainable Soul

For those seeking a workspace that aligns with their values, Tribe Bermuda is a beacon of hope. Built from recycled materials and powered by renewable energy, it embodies sustainability from the ground up. Open-plan coworking areas, a rooftop garden, and a cafe serving organic fare create a harmonious environment for eco-conscious professionals. "Tribe Bermuda goes beyond just desks and Wi-Fi," says Emily, a sustainability consultant who works from the space. "They organize beach cleanups, eco-film screenings, and workshops on sustainable living. It's inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded people who are passionate about making a difference."

4. Nine Hamilton: Collaborative Hub for Business Minds

If your remote work revolves around collaboration and building professional networks, Nine Hamilton is your sanctuary. Offering private offices, conference rooms, and flexible coworking spaces, it's designed to facilitate teamwork and productivity. "Nine Hamilton has all the amenities you need, from high-speed internet to printing facilities," says John, an entrepreneur who runs his start-up from the space. "But what I appreciate most is the professional atmosphere and the regular networking events that connect me with potential clients and investors."

5. Cafe Coco: Casual Coworking with Island Flavor

Sometimes, the perfect workspace is as simple as a good cup of coffee and a comfy chair. Cafe Coco, nestled in the heart of Paget Parish, offers just that. This charming cafe doubles as a coworking space, with free Wi-Fi, plenty of plug points, and a relaxed ambiance. "Working from Cafe Coco feels like being on holiday every day," says Maria, a freelance translator who frequents the space. "The ocean views are breathtaking, the coffee is delicious, and the locals are always friendly. It's the perfect place to get work done and soak up the island vibes."

Beyond Desks and Wi-Fi: Building a Remote Tribe in Bermuda

The beauty of Bermuda's coworking scene lies not just in the physical spaces but also in the communities they foster. Regular social events, workshops, and networking opportunities offer remote workers a chance to connect, collaborate, and build a sense of belonging.

"It's amazing to be surrounded by so many talented and motivated people," says Alex, a web developer who moved to Bermuda to work remotely. "The supportive community at my coworking space has helped me grow both professionally and personally. I feel like I've found my tribe here."

Echoing Alex's sentiment, Jessica, a marketing consultant, adds: "Working remotely in Bermuda has been a life-changing experience. I've found the perfect balance between work and play, and I've made lifelong friends in the coworking community."

For Michael, a software developer, the island's coworking scene has transcended geographical limitations: "I never thought I'd be able to run my business from a tropical island, but Bermuda has made it possible. The coworking spaces here are top-notch, and the sense of community is unparalleled."

Fueling this sense of community are numerous events and initiatives across the island's coworking spaces:

  • WeWork Hamilton's weekly "Happy Hour" networking events are a vibrant melting pot of professionals, fostering connections over cocktails and island views.

  • The Hub's monthly "Creative Talks" featuring local artists and entrepreneurs ignite inspiration and offer valuable insights into the island's vibrant creative scene.

  • Tribe Bermuda's dedication to sustainability extends beyond its walls: regular beach cleanups and eco-film screenings allow members to connect over a shared passion for environmental responsibility.

  • Nine Hamilton's focus on business growth shines through its workshops and pitch events: aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike benefit from expert guidance and networking opportunities.

  • Cafe Coco's welcoming atmosphere extends beyond a workspace: book clubs and language exchange meetups cultivate a sense of camaraderie and cultural exchange.

But remote work in Bermuda isn't just about the coworking spaces. Here are some additional tips to thrive in this idyllic paradise:

  • Join online communities and social media groups dedicated to remote work in Bermuda. These platforms offer invaluable advice, virtual friendships, and opportunities to connect with your fellow island colleagues.

  • Step outside your workspace and explore the island's vibrant events and festivals. From the Bermuda Festival's pulsating celebration of music and culture to local farmers' markets overflowing with fresh produce, immerse yourself in the island's rich tapestry of experiences.

  • Take advantage of Bermuda's breathtaking natural beauty. Snorkel through coral reefs teeming with life, kayak through emerald mangrove forests, or conquer the scenic Railway Trail – these outdoor adventures offer the perfect work-life balance and reconnect you with nature's rhythm.

  • Embrace the island's laid-back "island time" mentality. Disconnect from the constant hustle of traditional work schedules and allow yourself to truly unwind. Savor the slower pace of life and let the island's serenity replenish your mind and spirit.

  • Stay connected with family and friends back home. Whether it's through video calls, online messaging, or sharing your island adventures on social media, maintain those vital connections and bring your loved ones along on your remote work journey.

Remember, working remotely in Bermuda is a unique opportunity to blend productivity with paradise. So, dive into the island's coworking scene, embrace the supportive community, and let Bermuda paint your work-life balance with the vibrant hues of island adventure.

With these tips and the diverse offerings of Bermuda's coworking spaces, your remote work experience will be far more than just a job; it will be a journey of personal and professional growth, fueled by island magic and the unbreakable bonds of your newfound remote tribe.